June 27, 2020, 5.00 to 5.40 PM

Free Webinar: Meal Planning for Backpacking.

Whether you're doing a quick overnight trip or backpacking for multiple days, you want food that will nourish and strengthen you, and also taste really good.

Join this online conversation where leading mountaineer and farmer, Pranav Rawat, and outdoor gear maker, Huzefa Siamwala, talk about nutrition principles and meal planning ideas that you can apply to any style of backpacking.

This free webinar is suitable for hikers, mountaineers and all wilderness folks.

Live Webinar

June 27, 2020
5:00pm India Time


  • Nutrition principles
    • Primary fuel for your body - carbs & fat
    • Important stuff - proteins, electolytes, vitamins & minerals
    • Breakfast, on the go, lunch & dinner
  • Backstory - our own experiments with food
  • Meal planning for 4 different backpacking styles
    • Agency-supported
    • Tea house supported
    • Independent lightweight (Light cook set)
    • Lightweight (no stove)

Huzefa Siamwala

Huzefa is the founder and the lead designer of Blue Bolt, a rebellious outdoor gear manufacturer, who is challenging the status-quo through innovation, design and technology. He believes that self awareness can be achieved through self sufficiency in the outdoors and he designs outdoor gear which facilitates that. It all started in 2012 as a crazy MYOG project which is now equipping ultra runners, thru-hikers, independent mountaineers and adventurers of all sorts across the globe.

Pranav Rawat

Pranav is Chief Farmer at Orchard2Home and he toggles between being a farmer and a passionate mountaineer. One of his recent self-sustaining mountaineering projects saw him walk across 1022 km on high Himalayan passes in 47 days. Genesis of O2H goes deeper into what he believes it takes to make a strong human body and mind - eating healthy food. And, his next mission is to walk any miles to enable this for everyone.

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